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Dorean Allene Othegreene


DATE OF BIRTH january 31, 1987 (29 [almost]) | Aquarius

PLACE OF BIRTH los angeles, california

CURRENT RESIDENCE boston, massachusetts

OCCUPATION professional assistant and part time babysitter

RELATIONSHIP STATUS or not. not is good too.

You know that girl in the fifth grade that had the magical horse shirt, counted her fruit snacks and put them in to color/shape piles at snack time? The one that was overly excited when she got picked to do the bells for the Christmas music lesson? The one that nobody really knew how to talk to for a long time? Yep, that was Dor. She could recite all the lines from The Lion King if someone asked or said the right word at the right time, she always, always wanted to participate in clubs and after school functions. She carried the whole prom committee more or less by herself and then wrapped herself up in the crepe paper after the fact.

Dorean (Dor, Rean, Dora, D, Reenie, hey you, etc) was born on the very last day of January to two lovely people who felt like their combined genes would do well in the world - she had a really lovely upbringing, truth be told. Her father was a chemistry teacher while going to school and her mother worked in miniatures and went around to conventions, she put together small parts of things to make larger small things. Eventually turning the whole thing into a cute, niche-y boutique. They took family picnics to the beach every other weekend, there were trips to Michigan for Christmas to see the grandparents - and then there was the change, as there is in most stories. Middle school, if anyone would ask her now, was arguably the worst time in her life. This was when the teasing happened, when she wasn't sure of herself. The time she got a bruise from stepping into the door the wrong way after assembly. Dorean tried, and trying was never going to be cool.

Eventually she grew into herself, at least a little. In high school, her parents moved due to the job her father got as a professor and had to, obviously, be closer to the campus he worked at. There were new people and less to worry about, as the names that followed her around for three years didn't really carry over. Except her weird teeth, she still got called squirrely and bucky beaver one too many times for her liking, but these things happened. Generally making honor roll- though she would periodically skip her study period to go hide out in the theatre where she had a secret hide-y hole above the stage where she could just sit and study, plan and not worry about anything else. (Though, she didn't have a whole lot to worry about beyond what school her dad wanted her to go to.) This was, of course, around the time that she maybe thought about possibly having a boyfriend. But that didn't pan out - there had been a guy, and it almost happened, but at the end of the day she was neither interested or cool enough to keep trying, she had more important things to worry about than getting one singular person to like her for things that were not strictly 'her'. That seemed dumb. So, that experiment was tossed out before senior prom, where she went with herself and her friends from the Drama club- had a much better time, she was pretty sure.

After high school, she took an odd job at an ice cream parlor, she subbed in at her mom's doll house place and so on, her father got a little antsy and took it upon himself to get her an application to the university he was teaching at. And it actually worked - she got in fairly easily (using her mother's name because who wants to get in because of their dad being on the staff ever come on no. not even going to chance that) and opted to major in computer science (where she also found her very best friend and her new love of cats). This lasted about two years before Dor had decided that while higher learning was incredibly important, she just did not have the head at that moment for the things she was trying to learn. This was because she felt she needed more life experience - and with her mother's blessing ...maybe not so much her dad's, maybe that was more like acceptance, she opted to move to New York at the end of that semester. She stayed there for.. three years, winding up through a series of weird events, being a nanny to a little girl who had been the absolute light of her life (she loved the mom and dad, too). They did everything together from park walks, playdates, sock puppets and trips to the zoo and karate lessons. She was the best and it was awesome.

After a time, the family she was employed by had to relocate and much to her chagrin, Dor couldn't really go where they were headed to. Of course, they all expected each other to keep in touch - and she was expected back every other summer, but it was time for their family to be small again and Dorean understood that. Taking it as her cue those years later to wander a little. She found she had a real knack of keeping people's things together, like. Way more than her own life (possibly because it was more interesting? Maybe.) And began to excel in that particular area of life, there were all sorts of people in the world. Some were the doers, some where the laze about kind, Dor found that she was great at making sure important pieces were in place for bigger pieces, not that she wasn't one herself, mind. Just.. she was really good at that. And in that, she got back in touch with one of her old professors who knew somebody who needed somebody to do just that, but she'd have to move to Boston. The suggestion did sort of make her nose go up. But it was so cold there - not that New York was any ray of permanent sunshine, of course. But. After being told the person she was going to work for was ...Well, and all of the good things that were happening within the company and the confines therein, she couldn't say no. There was no way she could say no.

comic tie-ins ● their names.
● has an extensive collection of the mid to late 90's marvel fleer trading cards (not unlike doreen's deadpool cards).
● while dor doesn't have a pet squirrel, the cat she has is named monkey joe - as a nod to squirrel girl's first squirrel side kick
● same birth place and same 'birth' month (january '92 marvel superheroes #8 is the first apperance of squirrl girl)
● both have a cheery disposition despite not always being taken so seriously and have at times been the brunt of more than a few jokes
● both have had extended periods where they were nannying (and both really kind of liked taking care of other people's kids a lot)
● both have a tendency to ramble and try to talk their ways out of situations rather than out and out confrontation, though neither will back down from a fight if there is no other option.



Superhuman Strength Squirrel Girl is super-humanly strong and can lift between 800 lbs and 25 tons.

Leaping Squirrel Girl can leap several stories (obviously).

Climbing Squirrel Girl has small claws on each finger and toe to enhance her griping and climbing abilities

Knuckle Spike quirrel Girl has a a retractable knuckle spike capable of carving through solid wood.

Prehensile Tail Squirrel Girl has a bushy, 3 foot long semi-prehensile tail that she can use to cover opponents’ eyes or wrap around herself for warmth. When in her civilian identity, she tucks it into her pants, passing off the extra bulge as "having a conspicuously awesome butt.

Communication with Squirrels Squirrel Girl can perfectly mimic squirrel sounds (which she refers to as "Squirrelese"), as well as actually communicate with and direct the actions of squirrels. She often uses a number of squirrels to distract or even assault others, chewing through circuitry and other materials. She shares a close, possibly empathic, bond with certain squirrels, such as Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe.

Regenerative Healing Factor Squirrel Girl is able to heal as a faster rate.


Deadpool's Guide to Super Villains A series of 4522 educational trading cards written by Deadpool. Doreen relies on these as a primary source of information for whatever villain she is facing.

Deadpool's Guide to Super Villains Super Accessories An appendix of Deadpool's Guide to Super Villains, a series of 1622 cards featuring different villain's methods of transportation.

Transportation and Weapons


Squirrels Squirrel Girl deadliest weapons are her Squirrels. In addition to Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe, Squirrel Girl gave specific names to several other squirrels.[8] These were named Slippy Pete, Mr. Freckle, and Nutso, and all were presumably killed when they were sucked into the singularity created by Maelstrom.

family, tid-bits & lines
FATHER ryan othegreene | 57 | Dean at College of Natural and Social Sciences (Cal State LA) MOTHER erica othegreene (née henderson) | why are you asking? ladies don't tell. | retired/home maker
the dream tattoo.

✧ her favorite disney princess is tiana (although snow white comes in an obvious close second).

✧ has only ever had two relationships, both being relatively short from moving around and just a general not knowing what to do with it once you got it kinda thing.

✧ when there's time (there always seems to be a lack of time) dor likes to volunteer at animal shelters, unfortunately this has resulted in her going 'but i need ___ to live' -- and almost bringing home several not-exactly-pet types to her apartment.

✧ was maybe made fun of through her teens, and where she likes to do the better now brighter now thing, sometimes it still kind of sticks in her throat.

monkey joe, she's not sure how he got his name but since having him for about a year, he has many variations now and it's not really to be questioned.